GV Year in Review 2013

75 New investments

225 Total companies

10 Exits in 2013

  1. January 7 Shape Security Series B

  2. January 15 Flatiron Health Series A

  3. January 23 Just.me Seed

  4. January 24 MindSumo Seed

  5. January 24 CircuitHub Seed

  6. February 5 About.me Series A

  7. February 12 Nextdoor Series A

  8. February 28 Rabbit Seed

  9. March 11 creativeLIVE Series A

  10. March 13 Silver Spring Networks NYSE: SSNI IPO

  11. March 14 Hired.com Seed

  12. March 18 Namo Media Seed

  13. March 20 MessageMe Seed

  14. March 22 One Medical Group Series F

  15. March 25 Osito Seed

  16. April 11 Sold Seed

  17. April 18 Robinhood Seed

  18. April 26 Moonfrye Seed

  19. April 26 Ionic Security Series A

  20. April 25 Parse Acquired by Facebook Exit

  21. May 1 OnDeck Capital Series D

  22. May 3 High Fidelity Seed

  23. May 1 Astrid Acquired by Yahoo Exit

  24. May 7 CircleUp Series A

  25. May 14 OpenCoin Seed

  26. May 14 Play-i Seed

  27. May 17 Airware Series A

  28. May 17 Luvocracy Series B

  29. May 28 Appurify Series A

  30. May 30 Weotta Seed

  31. June 6 N3twork Series A

  32. May 22 Makani Power Acquired by Google Exit

  33. June 18 Disruptor Beam Seed

  34. June 28 Subtext Acquired by Renaissance Learning Exit

  35. July 12 BackOps Series A

  36. July 17 Apportable Seed

  37. July 18 Nifti Seed

  38. July 18 Swell Series A

  39. July 19 RetailMeNot NASDAQ: SALE IPO

  40. July 22 SynapDx Series A

  41. August 23 Uber Series C

  42. July 31 Le Tote Seed

  43. August 19 Buttercoin Seed

  44. August 22 Cluster Seed

  45. August 22 NoRedInk Seed

  46. August 27 Carnival Seed

  47. August 28 Rani Therapeutics Series B

  48. September 23 AngelList Series A

  49. September 6 Mitro Seed

  50. September 25 Foundation Medicine NASDAQ: FMI IPO

  51. October 3 The Climate Corporation Acquired by Monsanto Exit

  52. September 20 Plaid Seed

  53. September 27 JumpCam Series A

  54. October 4 Loom Seed

  55. October 15 mParticle Seed

  56. October 16 URX Seed

  57. October 21 Panorama Education Seed

  58. October 28 OpenBay Seed

  59. November 4 Sold Acquired by Dropbox Exit

  60. November 7 Building Robotics Seed

  61. December 5 Homejoy Series A

  62. December 5 YieldMo Series B

  63. December 11 KeepTruckin Seed

  64. December 11 The Orange Chef Seed

  65. December 17 Collaborate Acquired by Cisco Exit

Our portfolio companies made an impact in 2013. Here’s how they’re changing the future.

Future of medicine

24,000 Cancer-related DNA changes identified

Foundation Medicine technology helped doctors make treatment decisions for more than 5,000 patients with cancer based on tumor-specific DNA changes.

660 Autism study participants

SynapDx conducted the world’s largest diagnostic study of its kind to help doctors identify children with autism earlier.

Future of transportation

22 countries adopted modern transportation

Uber created new jobs worldwide and made 62 cities more accessible by connecting riders to drivers through their apps.

40 states took the auto repair industry online

Openbay filled underutilized auto repair shops in 40 states by matching vehicle owners with trusted professional mechanics.

Future of energy

1.2 billion Kilowatt hours saved

Nest Learning Thermostats have saved enough energy to power more than 1.3 million homes for a month.

60% Increased crop yield

Cool Planet Energy Systems uses beetle-killed wood to produce biofuels and soil-enhancing biochar. In field trials this biochar increased crop yield by 60%.

Future of finance

$125 Million

AngelList helped young companies raise $125 million in 2013.


OnDeck helped 20,000 small businesses grow by providing access to more than $750 million in loans.

$240 Million

ZenPayroll is processing $240 million in payroll, allowing business owners to focus on critical responsibilities instead of the back office.

Future of shopping

$25 million

Gyft digitized $25M plastic gift cards, improving the gifting experience for consumers and retailers.

2,000 engagement rings

CustomMade makers received project requests from 50,000 consumers, including orders for 2,000 custom engagement rings.

Future of education

1.1 million students

Panorama Education provided 4,000 schools with data analytics, helping 1.1 million students.

1 in 10 US schools

Clever’s educational software was deployed in 10,000 schools to support online learning.

We provide unparalleled support to our portfolio. Here’s how we helped in 2013.


Blue Bottle Coffee Pocket CustomMade

31 Design sprints


36 Research sprints


33 Workshops for our portfolio companies

85% of portfolio companies attended workshops


127 Portfolio companies received recruiting help from GV

173% Average increase in candidate pipeline after working with GV

1,586 Engineering leads sourced for GV portfolio companies

From everyone at GV, here’s to a great 2014!

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