Access to Google, when you need it.

Our relationship with Google means unique access and expertise for our portfolio. But we operate independently from Google, so your intellectual property and product roadmaps always stay confidential.

Workshops & events

We frequently organize portfolio-only events where you get exclusive access to Googlers from across the company.

Front-end latency best practices

Web latency expert (and Googler) Steve Souders met with our portfolio and provided direct, in-person coaching on how they can reduce front-end latency.

How Google sets goals: OKRs

Google Ventures partner (and former Google product manager) Rick Klau explained objectives and key results, Google's internal system for setting goals and measuring progress.

Your first 100 AdWords conversions

We invited AdWords product specialists to come talk with our portfolio. The team explained how AdWords works and walked us through setting up a first campaign.

Workspace design

Hayden Perkin and Ralf Kloeckner of Google’s global Real Estate & Workplace Services Team discussed how inspiring office environments can improve collaboration, innovation and employee well-being.

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Other ways we help


We’ve worked with Googlers across the company — YouTube, Android, Google [x], Apps, and more. We can use our experience and connections to help you talk to the right people at Google.

Product discounts

We’ve arranged for special pricing on Google Apps for Business, Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps API and more. Available to our portfolio.