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Behind the scenes with Blue Bottle and Google Ventures

At Google Ventures, we do product design work with startups all the time. We’ve optimized a process, called design sprints, to help our companies solve big challenges quickly.

Earlier this year, we did a design sprint with Blue Bottle Coffee to help redesign their website. Our goals: help customers discover coffee they’ll love, make it easy to buy coffee, and tell the Blue Bottle story.

We worked with Blue Bottle Coffee and Dynamo (a design agency in Montreal) on the new website. We collaborated with the teams on research, sketching, wireframes, clickable prototypes, and detailed interaction and visual design.

Here’s a quick look at how parts of the site evolved…

Coffee product page

We sketched possible UIs in the design sprint, then used colored dots to vote on the best ideas.

Sketch of coffee product page

We created three clickable prototypes in a single day, and showed them to users the next day.

Clickable prototype of coffee product page

Here’s the final screen from the new Blue Bottle Coffee website. Dynamo used the concepts and research findings from the design sprint to guide their work.

Screenshot of coffee product page

Brewing guide for drip coffee

Here’s a UI sketch for a different part of the site, complete with blue voting dots.

Sketch of brewing guide for drip coffee

We prototyped this page and tested our design with users.

Clickable prototype of brewing guide for drip coffee

Here’s the final screen from the new Blue Bottle Coffee website.

Screenshot of brewing guide for drip coffee

We thought it’d be interesting to look behind the scenes at how we worked with Blue Bottle on this redesign. We hope you enjoyed it! You can explore the rest of the website at bluebottlecoffee.com.