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Google Analytics best practices

Chances are your site’s visitors are telling you a lot about your products, your messaging, and which marketing channels perform better than others. But are you listening? Join Google Analytics team members Scott Herman and Andy Granowitz as they dive deep on the fundamentals of Google Analytics, discuss common mistakes most site owners make, and answer your questions about how to get the most out of Google Analytics.

About the speakers
Scott Herman, Global Implementation Lead, Google Analytics Premium

Scott Herman is the Global Implementation Lead for Google Analytics Premium, working to empower companies across a variety of industries and regions with actionable data. Over the past three years, Scott has helped the Google Analytics Premium team develop from the ground up. Before coming to Google, Scott worked as as a Business Analyst and Web Designer. He has degrees in Linguistics and Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Rochester, and fomerly lived in China as a Fulbright Scholar.

Andy Granowitz, Analyst, Google Analytics

Andy Granowitz is an analyst at Google Analytics, working to bring data-driven decision-making to Fortune 100 companies. Andy also plays a leading role in Google’s customer analytics efforts, drawing on his prior work with the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative. Andy graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in Mathematics and Statistics.