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#UXmarch recap: 1,000 pledges

Photo by Brian Wolfe

Last month we launched #UXmarch to help companies build better products. I asked people to pledge to conduct a scrappy UX study in March. The reaction was amazing: 1,002 people took the #UXmarch pledge! That’s about 48 UX studies per weekday in March.

1002 people took the UXmarch pledge. 406 have design or UX titles. 267 are founders or CEOs. 118 have product roles. 72 are engineers or developers. 21 are in academia.

Most of these people work for startups or other small firms. But the list of companies also includes a surprising number of household names, as well as universities, nonprofits, and companies from around the world.

The personal notes I’ve received from pledgers further confirms my belief that user research is a key ingredient to great design:

Aigerim Shorman, Triptrotting — “We pledged to #UXmarch and it has completely transformed our view on how we make product related decisions. Our team conducted multiple weekly interviews for our weekly releases and got incredible insight from our users. We were able to move quickly, iterate fast and make right decisions.”

Jerome Tave, UberConference — “#UXmarch happened at a perfect time, as we were beginning to think about making some changes to UberConference. After attending Michael’s workshop we had all of the tools to go conduct interview sessions, in person and over the phone. The feedback we received was amazing, and the outcomes of this research have put us on the right path.”

Margaret Grobler, Gyft — “I could kick myself for putting off formal usability testing for so long! We’ve watched friends and investors use the app and tested vigilantly for bugs, but the insight (and reward!) you get from running a real user test is unparalleled.”

Ben Hadden, Shotgun Software — “Conducting our first usability study as part of UXMarch felt like shining a giant light on our design process. We now have much more clarity on what’s left to build for this release, which is going to help us ship better, more usable software to our users in less time.”

March is over, but it’s never too late to build better products by adding a little user research to your design process. Use these materials to start reducing your risk, accelerating your progress, and validating your priorities.

And remember: Friends don’t let friends launch before testing.