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Life Science & Health

“Foundation Medicine has a broad array of great of investors, and I have been fortunate enough to raise a lot of money over the years, but GV has gone above and beyond anything I have ever seen from an investor.” Michael Pellini — CEO, Foundation Medicine

“Google Ventures has given us an enormous amount of expertise and help with online marketing that has directly led to increased traffic to our site.” Matt Rogers — Co-founder, Nest


“The reception to Pocket has been phenomenal. Without help from Google Ventures, it’s safe to say we never would have completed our rebranding.” Nate Weiner — CEO, Pocket

“Working with Google Ventures has been fantastic. Their team is incredibly smart and focused on making our business better. We couldn’t be happier.” Cotter Cunningham — CEO, RetailMeNot

Enterprise & Data

“GV is amazingly proactive in helping their portfolio across every aspect of building a successful company. They are the kind of partner every entrepreneur loves to have.”
Sharmila Shahani-Mulligan — CEO, ClearStory Data

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