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Life Science & Health

“While working on my Ph.D. at Stanford, I was exposed to some incredible developments in biotechnology. I’m amazed at how quickly these technologies are coming out of the lab and into the market. Gene editing, cell therapy, rapid analysis of genetic data—these advances will help millions of people, and they’re quickly becoming a reality.”

— Blake Byers, General Partner at GV

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Data & AI

“In industries from agriculture to oncology, we’re investing with the same fundamental aim: to break data free from its silos, clean it up so it can be analyzed, then use modern computing to find patterns that can help companies make better decisions.”

— Dave Munichiello, General Partner at GV

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“For a long time, it felt like the promise of robotics was just around the corner. Now it’s really happening. The confluence of cheap sensors, computing capability, and machine learning puts us at the edge of a golden era in robotics.”

— Andy Wheeler, General Partner at GV

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