Organizing the world's cancer data

Aquired by Roche, 2018

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GV’s life sciences team met Flatiron founders Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg after they sold their first startup and were thinking about their next move. We introduced them to the oncology community and helped them hone their idea into what eventually became Flatiron, which uses data to transform the way cancer is understood and treated.

Flatiron today


aquired by Roche


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Having a partner that can grow with you as your business scales is critical, and GV believed in Flatiron's mission from the start. Early on, they introduced us to key players in the life sciences and drove UX research at oncology centers. When we were ready for our next phase of growth, GV led a round that allowed us to acquire an EMR company that was transformative for Flatiron.

- Nat Turner, CEO of Flatiron