GV has invested more than $500M in consumer marketplace companies, beginning in 2010 when we led Turo’s Series A, and spiking in 2014 when we backed Uber, which still holds the record as our largest investment ever.

My colleague M.G. Siegler and I sat down to talk about what we look for in marketplace companies, the dynamics that shape this space, the challenge of scale, and what to expect from the evolution of Web3 and NFTs.

GV has invested more than $500M in consumer marketplace companies

Overall GV has invested in 15 different marketplaces companies, more than any other type of consumer investment we’ve made. In our conversation we share a few backstories about our investments in StockX, a marketplace for authentic products of current culture (sneakers, electronics, collectibles), Gametime, a mobile ticketing product for sports and music, and Cameo, which specializes in personalized videos like this one.