As schools grapple with questions about how and when to reopen amid the COVID pandemic, I asked Swing Education Co-founder and CEO Mike Teng for his perspective on the future of K-12 education.

Swing uses software to efficiently match substitute teachers with districts and schools. When Mike and his team realized how few schools would return to in-person learning this fall, the company added services to help parents hire local qualified teachers for homeschooling and private learning pods.

In this segment, Mike makes the case for education reform and social equity, reflecting on the pressures facing both teachers and students. He also examines gender issues related to homeschooling, and shares his take on how distance learning has a negative impact on women's careers.

"Very few things will go back to where they were before," says Mike. "I'm hoping schools look more pod-like when school returns, with teachers providing adult interaction to hubs or small cohorts. It'll be different." And, Mike believes, it'll be better.