I first crossed paths with the formidable Liz Meyerdirk in the early days at Uber. I was head of driver experience, and Liz was the head of strategy and business development for Uber Everything, its merchant delivery program. At the end of last year, Liz moved from Uber to the CEO role at The Pill Club, a digital health platform for women offering better access to reproductive and contraceptive care.

The Pill Club works with 120+ FDA-approved contraceptive brands and has delivered more than 5 million prescriptions to members across the U.S. Liz, who is a mom of three, is succinct about the company's mission: "Better access and more choices for women in health and reproductive care is just long overdue."

With 9.5 million women currently taking the pill, birth control is the most-used contraceptive method in the U.S. Most birth control medications are fulfilled by nonprofits, national pharmacy chains, and mail-order pharmacies. Few of these options are known for innovation, whether in the consumer experience or their approaches to marketing or technology. In contrast, The Pill Club combines more variety, digital access to an online pharmacy, and birth control pills delivered directly to your door.

Earlier this month, the company launched in its 47th state, Delaware — a place where many women live in areas with no reasonable access to health centers that provide a range of contraceptive methods. "Our research has shown that over 50,000 women in Delaware were living in a contraceptive desert," says Liz.

The Pill Club CEO Liz Meyerdirk The Pill Club CEO Liz Meyerdirk

I first invested in The Pill Club in 2019, and it's exciting to see the women's health category take off. Recent data shows that funding for women’s digital health startups rose 105% last year to $418 million, a significant jump from a year earlier. But as Liz notes, "that number needs to be much bigger."

She explains some of the macro-trends behind The Pill Club's acceleration, such as the need for convenience that requires same-day logistics. "Consumers are asking for it because they know it's possible," she says. "On the digital side, we have embraced virtual environments, and the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telemedicine. Women are also wanting — and demanding — more. We've seen how fragmented our healthcare system is, and we want better, more convenient reproductive options."

As for what's next, the company recently hit a $100M run rate, and has expanded into dermatology. As Liz explains: "We got into that area by listening to our customers. Forty percent of them are on hormonal birth control to manage their skin. We're guided by information about what we can do to serve them better."

As The Pill Club caters to a ever-wider variety of women's health needs, I'm excited to be along for the ride with Liz in the driver's seat.