Laura Melahn


Growing up on Oahu, surrounded by a multicultural community and competitive sports, Laura learned early on that everything turns out better with varied perspectives and a strong team. Her family was as likely to be found working on math or computer science as doing art projects or surfing. The juxtaposition of analytical rigor with creativity is evident throughout Laura’s career and her investments at GV, where she looks for diverse early-stage teams in the consumer space.

Laura’s investment areas revolve around personal health, climate, and family needs. “I look for founders with unbridled optimism for how the world might work,” she explains. “I’m interested in how computing is woven into the fabric of our lives and how it might solve emerging global challenges.” Her investments include Mill, Lovevery, Happiest Baby, and Signos.

Laura joined GV in 2011 to create the fund’s marketing practice. She worked with companies like One Medical, Grail, and Impossible Foods on introducing their stories to the world before moving to the investing side.

Before GV, Laura worked at Google. She joined shortly after the acquisition of Urchin software and worked on the team that turned Google Analytics into the most widely used analytics service on the web. Building a data foundation for product marketing, Laura worked on Google’s fastest-growing consumer products, Maps and Search, in collaboration with the world-class team at Creative Lab. Her early experiences at Google shaped how she thinks about investing. “I saw the huge social impact of technology,” she says. “I fell in love with the speed and scale of the industry.”

Laura received her degree in molecular biology with honors from Princeton University, where she was elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa. At Princeton, she ran track and cross country and was a member of the geographically-challenged surf club.