M.G. Siegler

Venture Partner

M.G. Siegler is a venture partner at GV. Companies he has backed include Anchor (acquired by Spotify), CTRL-Labs (acquired by Meta), Matter, Slack, Stripe, theSkimm, and Universe. His investment interests include new consumer services and products that enable the future of work and collaboration.

Deeply involved in the startup space since 2005, first as a web developer and then as a journalist, M.G. brings a reporter’s sensibility to his roles as an investor and startup advisor. “I started my career writing about consumer technology, trying to understand the velocity of products that grew to massive popularity and scale,” he says. “Now, when I work with portfolio companies, I’m interested in exploring the market dynamics and product decisions that help services take off.”

M.G. credits his journalism background with a key quality he looks for today in founders: the ability to communicate well. “It’s an overlooked skill because a good idea doesn’t always translate into a viable product with users and customers. Storytelling – what you’re doing and why it matters – is incredibly important, whether convincing users to download your app, rallying your team behind a launch, or raising your next round of funding.”

Before joining GV, M.G. was a founding partner at CrunchFund, an early-stage investment fund. Before that, he reported on the startup world for TechCrunch and VentureBeat. He still writes regularly for his Medium publication, 500ish.

Originally from Ohio, M.G. graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.