Erik Nordlander

General Partner

As a general partner at GV, Erik invests across enterprise software and frontier technology, focusing on developer tools, cloud infrastructure, and machine learning. He has backed leaders like Cockroach, Warp, and CTRL-Labs. Erik also manages GV operations in New York and leads the firm's technical team.

Erik has more than a decade of technical experience as an engineering leader with expertise in building first-class teams and scaling massive systems. He gravitated to engineering and computing science early on. "I am curious about how things are made and enjoy working with deeply technical founders as they work toward building their visions."

Before joining GV in 2010, Erik led the development of Google's next-generation display ad serving system. He was integral to the team that worked on DoubleClick's acquisition and technical integration and later led the team that built statistical and machine learning models for Google's ad businesses. Erik was also a developer for Google's core infrastructure, creating a distributed file system that and Gmail rely on today.

Erik studied computer science and engineering at MIT and performed his graduate research at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, focusing on unique data extraction and disk forensics.