FlutterFlow FlutterFlow co-founders Abel Mengistu and Alex Greaves

Since the smartphone era began, cross-platform mobile development has been a significant pain point for developers. Often, it can be a struggle to work with the idiosyncrasies of each platform, and developers need to reach the largest audiences from day one. Developers also seek to maintain parity between iOS, Android, and other platforms without sacrificing OS-specific features. Companies also want to avoid the cost of parallel development teams. Many are craving access to powerful features that are built for the AI-driven era.

Former Google engineers Abel Mengistu and Alex Greaves founded FlutterFlow in 2020 to dig into these challenges. They were fueled by their frustration with building their own mobile app after leaving Google. Abel and Alex worked incredibly hard to get a working version of the product launched in a few short months. From day one of the company, they have done a great job cultivating a thriving community around FlutterFlow. They have listened closely to their users, empowering them to move incredibly quickly with their simple and powerful UX and direct access to the latest in AI tooling.

Mobile app development can involve a lot of frustrations and minutia, especially when trying to synchronize functionality between platforms. All developers want to shorten the time it takes to move from an idea to working, deployed code to as small as possible — and also to make that experience pleasant. We’ve been very impressed with all the applications that the FlutterFlow community has created, and we’re incredibly excited to see what developers harnessing the power of AI will bring to bear.

In less than three years, Abel and Alex have built a scrappy and impressive team that is smartly focused on helping enterprise customers go from seamless no-code development to clean output and deployment. The company’s goal is to reduce the time between app ideation and launch — and FlutterFlow, powered by AI, helps developers, designers, and entrepreneurs move at incredible speed. Some customers have fully launched with hundreds of thousands of customers in record time.

FlutterFlow also offers a powerful state management system, integrating popular third-party APIs and a built-in testing environment. It all adds up to an incredibly easy-to-use platform that has already seen 1M+ users and has deployed over 20,000 apps composed of over 2B+ lines of code.

We could not be more excited about the future of app development that FlutterFlow is leading. With its focus on speed, excellent user experience, and a real-world approach, we see great things ahead for the team. Welcome to GV!