GREG CORRADO Dr. Greg Corrado, Distinguished Scientist and Head of Health AI at Google Health

Since 2019, GV’s Theory and Practice podcast has explored the cutting edge of biology and computer science through conversations with leaders in the field. In the fourth season, we’re diving deeper into newly emerging, more powerful artificial intelligence — and why we can learn as much about ourselves as we do about the machines we’re using. How will human functioning artificial intelligence influence us? How will we change AI, and how will it change us?

We will question our assumptions throughout the season as our guests help us understand the bigger picture of AI and robotics in healthcare and medicine — including safety, ethics, and effectiveness in the real world. We’ll hear from industry leaders at the forefront of AI’s advancements — including computer scientists, academics, neuroscientists, and roboticists — who will explore some of the biggest questions surrounding AI’s future.

In this first episode, Dr. Greg Corrado, Distinguished Scientist and Head of Health AI at Google Health, shares insights into a future where cutting-edge AI and robotics are added to healthcare. AI has already proven itself in many new and exciting applications, such as detecting diabetic eye disease, managing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and even encoding medical knowledge to answer patient queries.

Dr. Corrado discusses safety concepts in AI: bias, robustness, transparency, explainability, privacy, and groundedness. He also discusses developing and maintaining datasets reflecting real-world patient realities and values. After all, as he wisely observes, “Healthcare is fundamentally a human-human interaction.”

Tune in to learn more, and thanks for listening.

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