03-TOM-REARDON Dr. Thomas Reardon, VP Research, Meta Reality Labs

On Season 4 of the Theory and Practice podcast, we’ve been investigating the powerful new world of AI applications. We’ve explored how to build safety guardrails into AI-driven healthcare and what the future holds for empathetic AI communication.

For episode 3, we take the concept of AI communication a step further and dive into how humans can expand our communication with machines. For this topic, we turned to the founder of GV portfolio company CTRL-Labs, Dr. Thomas Reardon.

Dr. Reardon is a renowned computational neuroscientist credited with helping to create Microsoft’s web browser, Internet Explorer. He was an early pioneer in exploring the relationship between humans and machines. Now at Meta’s Reality Labs, Dr. Reardon continues his work on non-invasive neural interfaces that detect activity in the human nervous system.

In our conversation, we discuss the pace of innovation in neuroscience and efforts to decode the human brain. Dr. Reardon also walks us through using electromyography embedded in a wristband. We dive into the possibilities of using our minds, machine learning, and muscle movement to control and adapt the machines we use in real-time.

When it comes to neuroscience, he says, “There’s just so much more to learn.”

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