typeface Images generated by Typeface

When OpenAI’s DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney launched generative text-to-image platforms last year, they dazzled many people with the complexity, breadth, and beauty of the images they synthesized. Not long after, ChatGPT and other GPT-3 based copywriting applications demonstrated how easy it was to generate quality copy from high-level prompts. These platforms have sparked a wave of enthusiasm for the potential of generative artificial intelligence to disrupt fields, including art and graphic design, marketing, and branding.

Previously, many large language models (LLMs) have faced a significant limitation: they’re not enterprise-ready for professional marketing and creative teams. Since they train on publicly available data, they do not easily incorporate private first-party data or visual assets, nor do they yet integrate into the suite of other applications, databases, or workflows already present in companies of scale. Moreover, they’re not designed to reflect the body of branding tools (visual assets, highly-specialized colors, fonts, product copy, high-resolution images) that businesses rely on. As a result, the talent required to tune or retrain these models remains scarce and costly for most organizations.

Enter Typeface — a category-defining company taking an enterprise-minded approach to content creation, integrating generative AI into workflows for professional marketing and content teams. GV is thrilled to announce our investment in Typeface as the company debuts its new product, creating branded experiences inclusive of text, images, and more.

typeface2 Images generated by Typeface

Typeface uses an “affinitized AI” approach — meaning it can quickly and cost-effectively retrain off-the-shelf LLMs on customers’ corporate marketing assets and generate authentic images at scale and cost-effectively. From the outset, Typeface focused on building a product with privacy, security, and scalability in mind. The company is already off to a promising start, partnering with digital-native brands and fast-growing enterprise companies to help them supercharge their ability to experiment with and launch new concepts.

We are delighted to partner with CEO Abhay Parasnis, having long admired his technical and product leadership in Silicon Valley, most recently as CTO and CPO at Adobe. Abhay has already built a high-caliber team of senior engineering, product, and go-to-market leaders — including AI, SaaS, and media experts.

The future is incredibly bright for enterprise-grade generative AI, and Abhay and the Typeface team are well-positioned to take the category to new heights. Welcome to the portfolio, Typeface!