GV is thrilled to announce Michael McBride, a Silicon Valley executive with nearly 30 years of business leadership and go-to-market experience, as our newest General Partner.

I first crossed paths with Michael “McB” in 2018, when he joined the executive team of our portfolio company GitLab, as its chief revenue officer (CRO). GV’s lead investment the year prior valued the company at $200M and armed the business to deepen its focus on driving exceptional customer experiences through its developer platform. In our first board meeting together, I saw McB’s authentic and selfless focus on building for the long term. His clarity of communication and leadership inspired the budding executive team around him and spread far beyond revenue to strategy, culture, product, and execution. As GitLab’s CRO, McB was directly responsible for all aspects of revenue growth — including sales, customer success, revenue operations, business development, and alliances. Under McB’s go-to-market leadership, GitLab’s revenue run-rate grew more than 100x, scaling well beyond the IPO.

McB is a seasoned operator and a universally respected go-to-market leader who has grown and scaled multiple deeply technical businesses, including Meraki (acquired by Cisco), Good Technology (acquired by Motorola), and Lookout. Prior to his go-to-market and product leadership roles, he was twice a founding executive of both an enterprise software business and a consumer social company. McB has worked through multiple market cycles. He knows the grit and tenacity it takes at the earliest stages of the entrepreneurial journey, as well as the discipline and consistency it takes to scale into the public markets.

At GV, we operate in decades, not rounds; we build relationships for the long game. As we got to know McB, what stood out was his genuine dedication to upleveling everyone around him. His player-coach approach inspired and empowered high-performing, diverse teams. This knack for coaching extends to other areas of McB’s life too — outside of work he’s also known as “coach” on the lacrosse field and as a guest lecturer at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Based in GV’s San Francisco office, McB will lead early-stage investments across a broad spectrum of the enterprise technology landscape, including the next generation of companies powered by open-source technologies and AI-driven approaches. McB brings a first principles approach, instilled early on as an engineer at Stanford, to building sales organizations and product-led growth engines. We’re excited for him to coach and mentor our founders as they build out high-performing, commercially-oriented teams. With startups shifting from “hypergrowth at all costs” to a mindset of measured profitability and efficiency, CROs have some of the most sought-after skill sets for coaching the next generation of innovative founders on the road ahead.

McB joins a growing team of seasoned investors and operators supporting 400 active portfolio companies across the US, Europe, and Israel. We’re privileged to have him join our partnership and guide portfolio companies through pivotal moments in their startup journeys. We look forward to collaborating with him as we invest in founders moving the world forward.

From all of us at GV, welcome to the team, McB!