What lies ahead for the intersection of life sciences and data sciences in the next ten years?

For the third season of the Theory and Practice Podcast, we wanted to ask: what lies ahead for the intersection of life sciences and data sciences in the next ten years?

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have real leaders in life sciences and data sciences talk with us, and my co-host Alex Wiltschko and I appreciate listener feedback on seasons one and two. You’ve let us know that while you enjoyed hearing about the life stories of our guests, you liked hearing about their work even more. So our third season focuses on the remarkable ideas behind exceptional people. While we will still get into our guests’ personal stories, we will spend more time on what these leaders in the field are thinking about their work. We'll dive deep into the languages of life through explorations of the "dark genome", genome editing, protein folding, the future of aging, and more.

My good friend and trusted colleague Dr. Rosana Kapeller sat down with us to kick off episode one. A GV Fellow and the CEO of Rome Therapeutics with over 25 years’ experience in science and therapeutics, she has an unparalleled lens on the industry. In the episode, we explore the vastness of the "dark genome" and why "junk DNA" has been overlooked for so many decades. Rosana discusses her team's scientific approach and how they have tackled investigating the 60% of our genome that we previously thought was just filler or repeatable DNA.

We hope you'll take a listen to this new episode, and keep listening: our guests this season take us through a future that's yet to be written. It's exhilarating and inspiring all at once.

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