This season on the Theory and Practice podcast, we've explored what lies ahead for the future of life sciences and data sciences. We've gone deep into discussions about the cutting edge of genomics, investigated the building blocks of life, and looked into how the human mind works with some of the most brilliant experts in the field. Today listeners can dive into an even more abstract concept: "What is a thought?"

You may think that question is quite abstract, but it has enormous implications for science, artificial intelligence, and computer design. If we can't define human thought, how can we know if a computer can think?

To answer this question, we spoke with one of the godfathers of deep learning, Professor Geoffrey Hinton. The renowned cognitive psychologist and computer scientist is now an emeritus professor at the University of Toronto and an engineering fellow at Google.

Geoffrey Hinton Professor Geoffrey Hinton

Our wide-ranging discussion reflects Professor Hinton's long journey in the field and his instrumental role in the deep learning revolution. We also talk about how and when computers might achieve the next level of intelligence. We hope you enjoy listening to this special episode. Our thanks to the esteemed Professor Hinton for joining us.

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