Dave Munichiello

Managing Partner

GV Managing Partner Dave Munichiello leads the firm’s digital investing team, spanning its consumer, enterprise, and frontier practice areas. He prioritizes time spent building long-term relationships with technologists who peak in curiosity, drive, and vision. “Our partnership conversations center not around deals or funding rounds, but around the highest-potential humans we meet each week,” he explains. “We seek out the most curious and impactful people across tech – and then build long-lasting relationships of trust and respect.”

Dave is himself deeply curious about data platforms, data science, developer tools, infrastructure, and enterprise software. His investments include Ahana (sold to IBM), Bugsnag (sold to SmartBear), Cockroach, CoreOS (sold to RedHat), DeterminedAI (sold to HPE), GitLab (IPO Nasdaq: GTLB), Jet.com (sold to Walmart), Lattice.io (sold to Apple), Modular, Pixie (sold to NewRelic), Plaid, RedPanda, SambaNova, Segment (sold to Twilio), Slack (IPO, then sold to Salesforce), Snorkel, Upbound, and Wonder.

Dave is known for working closely with repeat founders. “People choose to partner with you for a second or third time when you prove to them you’re the kind of long-term partner they can trust, no matter how hard things get,” he says. “The best founding relationship is like a deep friendship. It’s about stability, trust, kindness, consistency, and patience – not pushing too hard, but always being willing to take the time to share feedback with care along the way.”

Before GV, Dave built and led enterprise software product, sales, and operations teams for highly-technical products under pressure in rapidly-changing markets. As an early executive at Kiva Systems, he helped grow its enterprise-enabling robotics and software platform from pre-PMF to $120 million in annual revenue before it was purchased by Amazon and became Amazon Robotics.

Dave is a combat veteran and former paratrooper who served as a Captain in the U.S. military’s most elite units before his startup career. Dave’s military leadership roles ranged from running an Air Force technology organization; to serving as an Aide de Camp to the Four Star General running U.S. and NATO Air Forces; to deploying with elite special operations teams worldwide, ensuring they were enabled by the world’s most advanced technologies.

“The most exceptional leaders were keenly focused on empowering and serving their teams,” he says. “Every team was different. Every situation required unique nuance and the ability to make hard decisions with limited information quickly. Leaders who attracted and inspired stars were able to empower by staying humble and curious, open to new approaches and diverse ideas.”

Dave holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.S. from Emory University in mathematics and computer science.