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Left to right: Frédérique Dame, Brendan Bulik-Sullivan, Crystal Huang, Issi Rozen

For nearly fifteen years, the GV team has been on a mission to partner with the most innovative founders moving the world toward progress. To do this, we seek out exceptional people on our team to support founders in GV's community — collaborative and skillful investors who build lasting relationships, relentlessly pursue excellence, champion equity, and have the courage to pursue complex problems.

Today, we're pleased to recognize four individuals who have had a remarkable impact on our partnership as our newest general partners: Brendan Bulik-Sullivan, Crystal Huang, Frédérique Dame, and Issi Rozen. Collectively, they have forged profound connections with entrepreneurs and play critical roles in shaping investments across sectors, including life sciences, consumer technology, and enterprise software. Our newest general partners are also enhancing our portfolio across emerging sectors, funding the brightest minds in generative AI, women's health, and next-generation therapeutics.

Equally important, Brendan, Crystal, Frederique, and Issi are integral to our culture. They mentor colleagues, challenge our thinking with new ideas, and boldly advocate for founders we back. We asked our colleagues to share a few words about each:

Brendan Bulik-Sullivan

Exceptionally sharp and refreshingly candid, Brendan enjoys reading scientific journals and reviewing data (for fun). Based in our San Francisco office, Brendan joined our team over four years ago after previous experiences designing machine learning models at GV portfolio company Gritstone Oncology and mastering statistical genetics research at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. At GV, he partners with founders across biotech and therapeutics and has led investments in companies including Comanche Biopharma, Santa Ana Bio, and Ventus Therapeutics.

Crystal Huang

Based in New York, Crystal is known for her unparalleled work ethic, deep technical research and diligence, and hands-on approach with founders. She has a broad tech investing lens, honed over the past decade with prior experience at NEA, GGV, and Blackstone. Crystal is integral to developing and scaling our investments in generative artificial intelligence, developer tools, data infrastructure, fintech, and SaaS. Since joining GV in 2021, Crystal has led investments in Typeface, Pecan AI, Sardine, and Cacheflow.

Frédérique Dame

With two decades of experience in Silicon Valley, Frédérique joined us five years ago in the San Francisco office. As a French immigrant, Frédérique offers a global perspective to help companies achieve product-market fit and scale. She lends deep operating expertise to founders, from her time pioneering social at Yahoo and leading early product and engineering efforts at Uber. Frédérique focuses on consumer technology, most recently investing in the breakthrough consumer app Checkmate. She is also a fierce proponent of GV's emerging investments in women's health, and led investments in Kindbody, Found, and Nanit.

Issi Rozen

An experienced biotech executive and serial entrepreneur, Issi specializes in early-stage investments and GV's incubation efforts. He joined the Cambridge office four years ago after co-founding several startups, including portfolio company Verve Therapeutics. Issi applies his vast biotech knowledge — spinning out more than 20 companies, co-founding another five, and serving as the Chief Business Officer at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard — to founders at companies including Aera Therapeutics, Chroma Medicine, and Mestag Therapeutics. And his brilliance also extends beyond biotech; he once was a professional jazz guitarist and taught at the Berklee College of Music.

Our 15 general partners across the U.S. and Europe are remarkably talented and distinctive, and it's by design: we believe that bringing people together with vastly different skill sets and experiences is a tremendous benefit to the founders we partner with. As NBA coach Phil Jackson observed, "The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

Please join us in congratulating our teammates and newest general partners!