Ben Robbins is Our Newest General Partner

By: Krishna Yeshwant & David Schenkein
July 28, 2022

One of the little-known secrets of GV's life sciences team is that none of us had dreams of becoming an investor. Everyone came in as a physician, scientist, or operator with aspirations to move the healthcare system forward. As a group, we want to change how healthcare is delivered, make drug delivery smarter, and improve all aspects of people's access to care.

Champions of Change Spotlight: Multiverse’s Siobhan Randell on Equitable Routes to Hire Diverse Talent

June 30, 2022

Third in our Champions of Change spotlight series is a conversation with Siobhan Randell, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Multiverse. Multiverse is building career-focused apprenticeships as an alternative to the traditional college system, both for non-graduate talent, and those in need of reskilling.

Modular: Unlocking AI and Opportunity

June 30, 2022

The nature of computing is changing at an unprecedented speed, driving an explosion of new hardware architectures to support applications powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Both hardware and software development are at an inflection point, particularly in the infrastructure layers supporting machine learning and AI.

Champions of Change Spotlight:’s Angela Lim on LGBTQ+ Advocacy and Health Equity

June 27, 2022

Second up in our Champions of Change spotlight series is a conversation with the remarkable Angela Lim, vice president and deputy general counsel at In the past 25+ years, Angela has bridged her intersectional Asian LGBTQ identity and her board service work to create an impact on health equity.

Champions of Change Spotlight: Lovevery CEO Jessica Rolph on Building Inclusive Products

June 20, 2022

Last year we celebrated Juneteenth with the debut of our Champions of Change list. We’ve seen how Champions of Change can have lasting impacts on their organizations — unlocking greater innovation, accelerating success in new communities, and providing a healthier environment for people to thrive.

Deepset: Moving Open Source NLP Forward

April 28, 2022

At GV, we believe that open source platforms will unlock enterprise value in the most collaborative and transparent way. This is why we invested in open source leaders like Cockroach Labs, GitLab, Redpanda, Snorkel AI, Synk, and Upbound. Today I'm delighted to announce our latest open source investment in deepset — GV's first investment in Germany.

Our Investment in Veza and Authorization in Data Security

April 27, 2022

Doing business today requires trusting customers to use and share company data in the cloud, but that has become riskier than ever. The simple reason is that many businesses are missing a critical layer of data security: authorization.

Calico’s Cynthia Kenyon on The Science of Aging

April 19, 2022

Thirty years ago, cutting-edge research showed that a single gene mutation in the worm C. elegans doubled its lifespan. Inspired by this research, the Theory and Practice team asked: as humans, how long will we live, and how long can we live?

Theory and Practice Podcast: Geoffrey Hinton on the Exploration of Thought

April 12, 2022

This season on the Theory and Practice podcast, we've explored what lies ahead for the future of life sciences and data sciences. We've gone deep into discussions about the cutting edge of genomics, investigated the building blocks of life, and looked into how the human mind works with some of the most brilliant experts in the field. Today listeners can dive into an even more abstract concept: "What is a thought?"

Warp’s Reinvention of the Command Line Terminal for Modern Developers

April 05, 2022

Like most people who first experienced computing in the 1980s, I had to be a terminal user, even if I just wanted to play a game or send an email. Since those early days, modern UX techniques have made computing far more accessible for every type of user, except programmers who still use the command line terminal every day.

Searching for Psychiatry’s Future with Stanford Professor Karl Deisseroth

April 05, 2022

Psychiatry as a field will be unrecognizable in the next 10 to 20 years, given our new understanding of the role of brain circuits in the generation of emotions and behavior. This week on Theory and Practice, we talked with Professor Karl Deisseroth, D.H. Chen Professor of Bioengineering and of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

An Exploration of Protein Folding with Professor David Baker

March 29, 2022

Much of what we've discussed in this season's Theory and Practice relates to the fascinating world of the human genome. Today, we expand that conversation to talk about the output from our genomes: proteins. We can think of no better guest for that topic than esteemed professor and Breakthrough Prize winner David Baker.

A Deep Dive into Consumer Marketplaces

March 28, 2022

GV has invested more than $500M in consumer marketplace companies, beginning in 2010 when we led Turo’s Series A, and spiking in 2014 when we backed Uber, which still holds the record as our largest investment ever. My colleague M.G. Siegler and I sat down to talk about what we look for in marketplace companies, the dynamics that shape this space, the challenge of scale, and what to expect from the evolution of Web3 and NFTs.

Dr. Jay Bradner of Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research on Hope for Cancer Medicine’s Future

March 22, 2022

In the last 20 years or so, many new cancer treatments have emerged that provide greater precision and targeting of cancer cells. Today, we have a better understanding of the genetic components of cancer. Through novel technology and cutting-edge science, we’re now able to understand how the accumulation of molecular alterations in the genome leads to the coding of proteins that can promote uncontrolled cell division.

Breaking Barriers in Gene Editing with Professor David Liu

March 15, 2022

Genome editing holds the potential to be a transformative new therapy, and the pace of progress is truly breathtaking. In episode two of this season's Theory and Practice podcast, we had the honor of talking with Professor David Liu. He was recently elected to the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine, and is the founder of an astonishing nine companies — including Beam Therapeutics, Prime Medicine, and Editas Medicine.

Introducing Theory and Practice Season 3: A Conversation on the "Dark Genome" with Dr. Rosana Kapeller

March 08, 2022

For the third season of The Theory and Practice Podcast, we wanted to ask: what lies ahead for the intersection of life sciences and data sciences in the next ten years? My good friend and trusted colleague Dr. Rosana Kapeller, A GV Fellow and the CEO of Rome Therapeutics with over 25 years’ experience in science and therapeutics sat down with us to explore the vastness of the "dark genome" and why "junk DNA" has been overlooked for so many decades.

Black Founders, Investors, and the Future of the Blockchain Ecosystem

By: Candice Morgan & Terri Burns
February 28, 2022

As part of our ongoing celebration of Black History Month, we partnered with CapitalG to host a panel of Black leaders driving influential work in the blockchain space. We brought together Yele Bademosi (CEO & Co-Founder of Nestcoin, Founder of Microtraction), Mercedes Bent (Partner at Lightspeed), and Leon Marshall (Global Head of Sales at Genesis, Co-Founder of Crypto@LBS) to discuss trends in the broader web3 space, crypto as an investable asset, democratizing access to economic opportunity, and the potential impact of these systems on Black communities and culture.

"There's No Better Time Than Now": Welcoming Biotech Executive Cathy Friedman to GV

January 06, 2022

At GV, we often talk about the power of long-term relationships and the importance of building broad, deep networks. We operate in a team environment, share common values, and have a genuine mission to put people and patients first. That's why I'm especially excited to announce healthcare and finance industry veteran Cathy Friedman as our newest Executive Venture Partner